Outsourcing Your Bad Debts

At CEA Ltd we offer an efficient and effective process for recovering your business to business debts that is free to you the creditor. All you need to do is email us your unpaid invoices and contact details for the debtor. We’ll do the rest and we won’t charge you anything.

We will start the process of recovering your debts straightaway and keep you informed at each step.

At CEA Ltd we offer a free commercial (business to business) debt recovery solution that complies with all the necessary legislation. This applies to invoices sent to limited companies, PLCs and LLPs. Invoices to sole traders and any other type of organisation are classed as personal debts for recovery purposes. Invoices from sole traders to limited companies, PLCs and LLPs can also be dealt with.

Chasing your own business debts can not only be time consuming, it also increases the stress on the business owner. The messages we receive from clients is that customers who are delaying payment simply don’t pick up the phone or answer emails from the company they owe. If they do, there’s a range of excuses as to why they can’t pay or they simply don’t pay when they say they will. This is where we can help – and for FREE (to you, the creditor)!

At CEA Ltd we provide our clients with a free, professional and effective debt management solution. This can run alongside your accounts team, whereby debts that remain unpaid after a set amount of time (whether this is 60 days, 90 days or older) are sent to our account management team.

For business to business debts, which are at the pre-judgement stage, this process is completely free to the creditor. There’s no upfront costs and we don’t charge any fees or commission when we recover your debts. All our costs at this stage are paid by the debtor.

Therefore, there’s no risk to yourself of using our service. In the event that we can’t recover your invoice debts through this process it will not have cost you anything. Where we do get your invoices paid, you will receive the full amount of the invoice. There are no fees.

There is no business debt too big or too small and we can work with any size of business – from sole traders to national companies.

The most important aspect when dealing with business debts is to act quickly. If a business is getting into financial difficulties you want to recover your debts before they go into liquidation.

To discuss your business debt recovery requirements, including complex or bulk cases, contact us today on 0113 532 8350.

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