Business Debt Recovery

Business Debt Collection Services

When business debts are unpaid, it can be a serious problem for the business to whom the money is owed. Even large companies can quickly start to struggle when their business debts aren’t paid in full or on-time. Here at CEA Limited, we can provide a complete range of business debt collection services to suit your needs. For business debt recovery you can trust, call CEA today.

Any business that fails to manage and recover its business debts quickly and efficiently is at risk of suffering monetary worries. Whether you’re owed debts by another business or by a customer, you can’t afford to let them go unresolved. Business debt collection is an essential service for companies of all kinds.

Here at CEA Limited, we’re proud to offer a complete range of business debt recovery services for all our clients. If you’re owed any kind of business debt, don’t hesitate to call our experienced team of bailiffs and business debt collectors today.

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Business Debt Recovery

Thanks to our many years’ experience, CEA is able to carry out an efficient and effective debt recovery process. We are proud to offer this service to you, the creditor, for free! Our debt collection team will add our costs onto the debt you are owed, meaning you don’t need to pay a penny to our debt collectors.

In order to start our business debt collection, all you need to do is send us your unpaid invoices or other evidence of your business debts, and we’ll take over from there. Our legal bailiff services won’t cost you a penny, so you can rest assured that you’ll receive the full balance of your business debt.

CEA Limited is proud of our reputation as one of the UK’s leading business debt collectors. We will begin to collect your debt as quickly as possible, and keep you informed as to our project.

Our Business Debt Collection Process

At CEA, we’re proud to offer free business debt collection for any pre-judgement debt. We make full use of the law to collect on business debts, including a reasonable recovery cost. That means we’re legally able to reclaim our operating costs from the debtor, rather than charging you, the creditor, for our services. This applies to all debts or invoices sent to Ltd Companies, PLCs and LLPs.

It is incredibly easy to start our debt collection process. Simply send over copies of the invoices or debts you are owed and instruct us to start collection. We will forward you a copy of our terms and conditions and, once you’ve returned the Ts & Cs, we’ll get to work! To start our business debt recovery process, use our simple online contact form today!

Initial Letter of Business Debt Demand

Our team of certified enforcement agents will conduct a brief investigation to establish the debtor’s business, including trading status and financial position. If they are eligible to be claimed from, we will send out the initial 7-day letter of demand; this will cover the debt and the late payment fees associated with the debt.

This is only the first step when it comes to collecting on a business debt of any kind. Many debtors agree to pay the debt at this point but, if they refuse or do not reply, our bailiffs and certified enforcement agents will progress to the next stage of the collection.

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No Response to Business Debt Collection

In most cases, simply the fact that you’ve passed the debt on to a collection agency will be enough to get the debtor to pay their invoice. In this case, your money will be kept in our client account for two weeks (14 days) before being transferred. This is to comply with insolvency legislation.

If no contact has been made following the letter’s delivery, we will call the debtor and send a final demand letter via email. In most cases, this final point of contact is enough to convince the debtor that they need to pay you. This also gives us the opportunity to directly discuss the debtor’s situation and, if possible, come to an alternative arrangement. This can include anything from partial payment to staggered debt payment.

We’re also able to manage any agreed upon payment plans, ensuring that you receive the full amount of your debt. As part of this phone call, we’ll also verify whether any further action would be successful. If the debtor has no belongings which are eligible to be seized by our bailiffs of business debt collectors, it is pointless pursuing them in the traditional manner.

Moving Forwards with Business Debt Recovery in the UK

Once we’ve exhausted all our initial approaches, we will continue to attempt to collect on your business debt. Our specialist CEAs will get back in touch with you to discuss the next appropriate course of action. We will give you our honest opinion regarding the outcome of any potential court action and, if we don’t think you’ll be successfully (for one reason or another) we’ll recommend that you don’t pursue the debt further.

Wherever possible, we will help you to claim the full amount of your debt. However, due to other circumstances such as a business going into liquidation, et cetera, you may have to accept a percentage of the debt, or simply write the debt off completely.

If you choose to purse business debt recovery and collection through the legal system, we will always discuss the costs beforehand. If you’re serious about pursuing a business debt through the UK courts, read more about the County Court Judgement and High Court Writ Process here!