County Court Judgement

If after following the debt protocol process or chasing an unpaid invoice the debtor has still not paid you can apply to the court for a judgement against them. We can conduct this process for you.

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Once you have a CCJ for a debt there are no time limits on how long you have to enforce this. However, where a CCJ is more than six years old you will need to gain permission from the court in order to use enforcement action.

You can make a claim for money against an individual online. There is a sliding scale of fees depending on the amount of your claim.

You will also need to work out the amount of interest that is owed on the debt. For personal debts, not to a business, the rate used is typically 8% (above base rate).

county court judgements
county court judgement recovery

If the person disputes the claim or denies owing the money you may have to go to court. Where the court rules in your favour, if the debtor doesn’t respond or they admit owing the money but don’t pay, they will be ordered to pay.

There are then further steps that you can take to collect the money if they still fail to pay. This includes the use of bailiffs (Certificated Enforcement Agents). Our separate enforcement department can assist you with this.

Where your debt is over £600 we can apply to the High Court to have your judgement transferred to a Writ. This enables our bailiffs to contact the debtor and attend at their home if they still fail to pay. They can assess if the debtor has any assets which can be sold to cover the debt. We have a High Court Enforcement operation to carry out this work on your behalf.

The additional costs of applying for a High Court Writ will be added onto the amount of the debt.