Over 130 staff across the country have been left without pay after Grotto Hire UK went into liquidation. The company was responsible for running grottos and selling tickets at sites around the UK.

In an email sent to unpaid workers, the director of the company said the closure was down to “financial pressures”.

The closure of the company has leave many seasonal workers in financial difficulties, with wages for the festive period unpaid. This includes people who played Santa or one of his elves at shopping centres and other venues throughout the country. Some were unable to pay their rent and missed out on family time over the busy holiday season.

The email from Tony Jennings, Grotto Hire Uk’s director, said: “We are extremely saddened by this as we know how hard you have worked to provide an outstanding experience throughout.

“We have explored all avenues to continue to trade and rectify our cash-flow problems but sadly we do not have the funds to continue.”


Act quickly to recover unpaid invoices

As well as the unpaid workers, a company liquidation can also leave suppliers out of pocket. If you’re working with a company that may be in financial difficulties it’s important to act quickly to make sure they don’t leave you with unpaid debts.

At CEA Ltd, we can work alongside your business to chase up late payments and push debtors to clear their accounts. This will prevent any customer from building up large debts that they are unable to pay off.

Sometimes companies don’t want to chase payments in case the customer goes elsewhere. However, there is only so long that you can hold off before querying when the invoice will be paid. If you leave it too long it might be too late and the company could go into liquidation.

If you have unpaid invoices that need recovering contact us today and we’ll start the process straight away.